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Knee arthritis

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The knee is commonly affected by wear and tear. Sometimes this is due to an old injury, sometimes it can run in families.

The smooth cartilage surface of the joint wears away and friction increases which results in pain, stiffness and swelling.

Non-operative treatment

The best treatment for your knee will depend on my examination findings as well on the results of X-rays or scans, but also tailored to your individual aspirations and fitness goals.


Techniques such as targeted physiotherapy to improve musculature around the knee, hip and core, braces to reduce load on worn areas of the knee or targeted injections can improve pain helping to avoid or postpone knee surgery.


Sometimes keyhole (arthroscopic) surgery can help if there is a problem such as a loose piece of cartilage (meniscus) in the knee joint causing a catching sharp pain in the knee.

Realignment surgery (osteotomy) can relieve the pressure on a damaged part of the knee joint.


If the wear is more severe then joint replacement surgery may be required. This includes partial knee replacement and total knee replacement.

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