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Choosing a surgeon to carry out your surgery can be daunting. I recommend that you chose a surgeon who carries out a high volume of hip and knee surgery as well as one who has a proven low revision rate (in other words your hip or knee replacement hasn't needed any further surgery), as well as proven high patient satisfaction and high function after surgery.

I perform 250 hip and knee replacement operations each year. My patient reported outcome measurements are collected and analysed independently by the National Joint Registry and NHS Digital.


My patients' improvement in hip symptoms as measured by the Oxford Hip Score is in the top 2.5% of UK surgeons.

My patients' improvement in knee symptoms as measured by the Oxford Knee score is in the top 2.5% of UK surgeons.

When my patients are asked "How would you describe the results of your operation?" for both hips and knees my results are statistically significantly higher when compared to other UK surgeons. (p<0.001)

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